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Use Of Natural Language Processing in Digital Marketing

Use of Natural Language Processing aka NLP in Digital Marketing is increasing day by day.As individuals behaviour in searching content and personification of content is increasing thus use of NLP is also increasing.Numerous companies are developing technologies to support their own online marketing efforts including SEO, eCommerce tools, social media analytics, data collection & conversion (Data Visualization) and much more.The benefits that come with this approach would be better conversions than the traditional manual methods.When it comes down a bit to understanding how you could achieve your desired results based on information provided under various conditions.(ePOPs or DeepMind can serve as examples for these).

Understand the benefits

Businesses and marketplaces spend immense amounts of time to monitor the online presence of their users and also to know what kind of customers they have and how they behave when they’re on a website and in the process of buying or transacting in the online world. This is only possible with the use of Natural Language Processing (NLP) which gives you a chance to identify these patterns and provide insights regarding your prospects’ patterns. Why use NLP? It is being said that NLP is an extremely powerful technique in digital marketing and for web developers. NLP is used to understand and interpret text to retrieve some info about the target user and their patterns. The technology behind NLP is developing and gives greater power to the business.

Understanding the limitation

What should be considered while leveraging NLP techniques? There are three main aspects in connection with NLP. These are Personification, Semantics and Knowledge Representation.

Personification -With the increase of data proliferation in the current technology scenario, every individual is generating digital content on a regular basis and these content remain unstructured(Except of the information provided via search engine results page). Therefore, there is a need of understanding the personification for it to be useful to the end users and the system for you to leverage the presence of the relevant information. Semantics A common use of NLP is to convert unstructured information into a structured one.

Use of NLP in Digital Marketing

As per the research, as NLP applications are developed and deployed, the greater impact they will have on the businesses of today and tomorrow. Over 30% of businesses use some form of NLP or natural language processing technology. With the help of NLP, it is now easier to change marketing strategies from “cold start” to “warm start” as an outcome of the technology is accurate and effective. So, you have probably heard of terms such as: Deep Learning ,Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, Linguistic Modeling, Text mining ,Hacking ,Automated Routing, High-fidelity Markov Models Machine Learning.

The common view point is that the learning of NLP is not as easy.

The Future of NLP in Digital Marketing

NLP is widely being used in Digital Marketing since 2004.It is helping the marketer to understand the minds of people who interact with a specific piece of content. A good use of NLP will help the marketers to boost their conversion rates by studying the data and making predictions as the possible results. By using NLP techniques, Targeting audiences based on characteristics and interests, or making use of language to personalize content for a particular user. Foraging content for specific objects based on search volume and pages that have articles similar to them. Digitally engaging people as they engage with your website, not only for promoting products or even closing sales, but as they engage with the websites features and usability.


Effective marketing in today’s world is quite challenging for any companies. It has become more and more challenging for businesses to move in a digital medium. Hence, NLP is highly needed for digital marketing. Natural language processing has become the need of the hour and AImarketer.in can you help you with that.

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