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The Benefits of SEO for Start-ups

Updated: Sep 4, 2021

Which sites do you visit when you search for something on the web? Do you go to the 6th page to find what you need? You don't, right? You click on the website that pops right in front of you at the instant. That is a greatly optimized website hence the search engine has ranked it to the top. This is the capability that SEO (Search Engine Optimization) can bring to your website if implemented flawlessly. SEO is arguably better than promoting your business through advertising. i.e., PPC(Pay Per Click). web design agency In Mumbai

How is SEO useful for start-ups?

In case you are a small business owner, and you don't have your website SEO-friendly, then you are lagging and might even run out of business. In today's race to be on the top, the benefits of SEO are as follows,

1. Makes your website user-friendly

A faster, smoother and easily navigable website can be made using SEO for small businesses. Many to this day believe SEO is all about optimizing for the search engines, but that doesn't hold for today's era, where it's all about improvising user experience with the site.

Page views automatically increase and the bounce rate decreases when the website is easy to go through, structured and clean as the user would engage and spend more time with the content. If the content is uploaded such that the consumers are made to stay on-site, keeping them happy and giving them what they are looking for, can boost the website quality.Digital Marketing consultant in Mumbai

HubSpot research says, 60% of businesses said SEO is their biggest quality source of lead generation. When search engines realize you serve happy content they push you more upwards as they want to serve high-quality data to their user base.

2. Brings more traffic

The more the traffic to your website, the more customers you are going to acquire. Businesses with a proper SEO-optimized website generate more profit as they get more customers and your competitors are growing twice as fast just because they have a better online presence than you. They are pouring 1,000s of dollars for nothing, are they? They know how much value it brings to their business.

The keywords you use play a very crucial role. Tell the SEO expert what you want to include or what exactly you want your business to be known for, they prepare search content and use those terms to target the right customers, which is beneficial to grow as a small business.

The traffic you get can open an opportunity.i.e., through email marketing. This technique existed before social media was a thing and is still a very good source of revenue. SEO for businesses makes you appear to people and they in return subscribe to your newsletter which keeps your customers in touch. Social Media Marketing Companies In Mumbai

3. Long-lasting conversion rates

You may decide to invest in online advertising, that is not a bad idea, but that only brings in temporary customers and they just stick around as long as your investment does. On the other hand, the ones that come through SEO if you invest in it are more likely to be loyal customers with the real need of your service.

The efforts put into SEO may not reflect sooner but will reward as time goes by. And getting sudden rewards is not the point of optimization. Your goal should be to make your website easily readable and surfable across all types of media devices with a display and to rank at higher positions in SERP (Search Engine Result Pages) and hold the ground until your brand gets noticed.

No wonder the ROI on SEO is better than that of PPC or any digital marketing campaign. It is easy to make modifications and keep your site up-to-date using analytics. You can further curate strategy as per your customer needs.

4. Helps with brand awareness

The changes of your business being noticed by people are when you start appearing on top of SERP and then more and more of your presence is spread out. If they find you at their result page and you manage to provide better service, then there is the probability of them returning to your site next time.

People are more likely to trust you when to google, yahoo and Bing shows you at the top over your competitors with a poor online presence. That is one main reason small businesses must invest in SEO and use better keywords that follow their business to rise on top of SERFs. Brand awareness is a major thing in this world today, we are not in the 90s, search engines can make or break your business.

Social media presence adds up to the rewards as well. A high-ranked website is also likely to have a strong social media existence which is advantageous for SEO to gain visibility from social handles to websites. That is the reason why should have a strong social media follower base.

5. Escape the competition.

Do you know you can still beat the giants in your industry with a better-optimized website? Sounds like a dream, doesn't it? The main thing is to use proper keywords and play around with the algorithm. If executed properly you rise above and might even surpass your competitor's ranking, making a clear statement for people that you are the best.

Over half the planet uses the internet today, and it is one of the fastest-growing markets. Proper SEO will help you find new and better markets and fresh patrons. Providing you better profits.

You can learn SEO techniques yourself and make necessary tweaks to the website when certain changes in search engines are implemented. Or hire an SEO expert with reliable skills who can make you visible on the internet.


To have a well-structured and SEO-optimized website is a must to survive the rat race today. If you don't appear on the top results then your presence is just as good as not being online at all. As the wise say, if your business is not on the internet then your business will run out of business. So make sure to keep your website SEO friendly.

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