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Python- Magic wand of Digital Marketers

"Things are complex till they are mastered." A popular saying from "Gyani Smita" :)

Jokes apart, When I started my carrier in digital marketing after going through courses from popular sites and so called Gurus of Digital Marketing I was under impression that Digital Marketing is running campaigns on various platforms and via various channels, performing SEO of websites and analysing problems in SEO patterns of the websites.

I know these are few critical tasks of a digital marketer however there is more to it, doing these hefty analysis and crunching data provided by each websites for insight is cumbersome.

However thanks to COVID-19 lockdown,when had opportunity to listen few of the discussion of my husband who is Software Engineer by Profession and Data Analyst by hobby, I realised each of the task which is being done manually there is an automation possible.

On an eve with a cup of tea when started discussion I found Python is what I need now for my tasks to be automated and perform each of the manual tasks.

According to SlashData, there are around 8.2 Million Python Developers in the world still low penetration in automation of Digital Marketing? A thought which was in my mind from so many days, thanks to google I was again proven wrong.

Coders around the world has given few open source Python libraries for Digital Marketers to Perform their day to day mundane tasks.PythonSeoAnalyzer is one of them.

In my future blog will explain in detail step by step guide how to use this really good package in your day to day automation.

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